Soo Problems lately

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Soo Problems lately

Post by Lord Hypno » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:53 am

"that the Times they are a changing..." this board is over 7 years old when it was started it was a File sharing site, But not the file sharing the happens nowadays. This place was built so we could trade old clips we personal made from out old VHS tapes, a way to share stuff and gain thing's we would NEVER be able to get, a clip from 1984 from a show that does not air anymore, or a out of print movie from 1970. it's now something else..... i don't know what... but it's started to be a place for producers and there ASFR fans, but lately that seams to have gone to shit.

We .. A: need rules to follow for a few reason's, people don't know what's OK to do and not to do, witch is mostly my fault HATE being the BAD guy having to lay down the law. and that causes people to assume what the rules are so when someone new does something different people respond and that can go badly.

also i would like to offer any and every Producer of any ASFR materiel Moderator Status see something you don't think is cool kill it with fire (with in reason) someone openly flaming your stuff take action. someone saying they didn't like the end or something about it well we all have to take the good with the bad. of course that does not mean everyone has open license to be a DICK, don't like what a producer has done and you feel you must tell them Be nice "DON'T BE A DICK"
i can and will say i am a happy costumer of EVERY producer here (don't believe me look Jason 601 or 1718 from 88310) and i am happy mostly happy with everything i have gotten Do i in my opinion think something could be done better ... DUH YEAH. but that does not give me rights to tell someone your an idiot and do it this way.

I'm hoping this will help shape this place into something new better then it is now with all the hostilely.

so what do i want / need your opinion Producers and Users. what rules do we want ? do we need new forums areas or less? should each producer get a sub forum for there stuff ?


I'm lost and i mite as well close this place down because i don't really want to play the bill if it's just going to be free advertising and people bitching all the time. give me your input people...

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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by Zero » Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:57 am

Well rule-wise probably should have the following...

1) Please don't curse. It does get censored but don't abuse that. Really try to avoid name-calling and condesention (run into the latter quite a bit lately which is why I mention it).

2) Do not post threads asking to trade for content that is currently available for purchase online. Obviously if people want to trade bad enough they'll find a way but that doesn't mean it should just be public.

3) Don't PM every single member about trading, that's no different than spamming.

4) While obviously there's plenty of content out there with nudity pretty sure everyone here draws the line at children, so lets avoid that shall we? If the age is ambiguous (and that can happen) maybe some leeway but blatantly underdeveloped better to just avoid.

5) Another age-related thing: Please don't ask for age or name information of fetish actresses, they do use anonymity for a reason. Sucks for me though since I like using real actresses as the basis for characters in my written works and knowing age is always helpful but hey, I can live since that's really not a viable reason to ask for personal information.

Can't think of much else but I will add I don't like the idea of producers being moderators. I understand the inclination but if we just have a team of reliable mods with set rules that they can invoke we should be fine.
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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by lvman » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:24 am

I agree with all of Zero's points including my reluctance to endorse giving all producer's Mod status.

I don't really think things have really gotten that crazy, its just that we've recently experienced a random influx of bad behavior. I think all of Zero's above points are sufficient enough to ensure that this place remains peaceful.

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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by Raphael » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:48 am

I'm with Zero, specifically on the matter of condesention. "Point Scoring", so to speak, also seems to be overshadowing a lot of the discussions I've been reading lately. The playground mentality that being able to assert yourself means you're the "better person" simply doesn't apply in the real world (Nor the Internet XD), and I (along with many of the people here I hope) will have more respect for those who act to diffuse needless squabbles in the face of a "challenge", rather than fuel them for the sake of a "win".

I also agree that giving producers moderator status may not be an ideal solution. While I trust that the overwhelming majority of producers are honest, they are working within a fairly niche market where business is tough. Allowing producers to self-regulate what their target audience is viewing means that inevitably there will be accusations of "missing posts" and "tampering with the truth". Zero's point of utilising a group of reliable, unbiased mods seems to make much more sense.

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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by gots12000 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:03 pm

Honestly, I don't think things have gotten that bad either. There have been a couple of locked threads over the past few months, and I'll admit my part in one of them, but most of the time, things are pretty civil. This is still a great forum for people to share information, and I hope it doesn't go away.

I will echo other people's sentiments that a set of rules and moderators to enforce those rules are good ideas, but I agree that they should be unbiased members, not necessarily producers. They might not alway act in the best interests of the forum as a whole in favor of promoting sales.

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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by Wishmaster » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:43 pm

I do not think things are bad. A few disagreements, yes, but that is life.

I will admit I am frustrated with these forums, or more precisely with the slowly growing trend of attitude on these forums.

I don't view these forums as a filesharing hub, as much as I view them as a "sharing hub". For years the ASFR community drifted with no stable home - the actual newsgroup was archaic, and the medusa realmn, argo's Hall of statuary, james's Mannequin Lover site, and numerous others sprang forth, but none could find a stable host. Fast forward to the last few years, and ASFR has found a fairly stable home both here and at Dosman's evolved LM Circle -> Stuckposing forums. What always drew the community together was a common interest, and the participants in the community were not out to make a buck. "Sharing" - that is sharing information, experiences, stores, files OPENLY is what built this community. This community would not exist with out this open "friend helping friend" mentality.

And the community was never about undercutting producers or stealing. Clips, images, dialogs/transcripts were provided because legally obtaining the content was either impossible. Now it seems there is an attitude of greed and entitlement among so many new members. What was sharing for the joy of knowing a like minded person will enjoy this diamond in the rough, has gone to more of a gimme-gimme-gimme attitude, and when presented with the opportunity to give back, people will not.

Now what I say above is not true for everyone, there are some class acts on these forums, but it would be so nice to see people openly try to advance this community rather than push things into secluded private transactions - and this goes beyond the most recent spat I was in - I am referring to a trend of private sharing that I believe has grown more prevalent the larger this community has gotten.

I for one would advocate a rule or guidelines that encourages all things be kept public. If you have an irk with a producer, then don't use these forums to work it out. Send a PM to get their business email, and contact them professionally through their business address - other than that, are private dealings really needed here?

As for producers and moderators - I do not think producers should be moderators. Producers are people too, and this forum is about more than catering to producers. If a producer f.cks with a customer, that should be in the open. If something is dirty let the cat out of the bag. As for the most recent stuff here, that all should have been resolved through business email, and only when that was exhausted, should it have been outed. But even in that dialog, neither the producer or the customer are being level headed, and if one was a mod, the event could have gotten completely out of hand.

So no to excessive moderation.

And I don't think you can make a rule that forces people to be nice to each other, nor can you make a rule that will eliminate bad apples.

A simple easy rule is:

1) Business problems/transaction disputes should be taken up directly with the producer/store. Only in the event that all else fails should disputes between customers and stores be brought here.

Oh, and I have no issues with cursing, this is an adult forum, not Disney world.

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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by meh » Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:56 am

Wishmaster wrote: A simple easy rule is:

1) Business problems/transaction disputes should be taken up directly with the producer/store. Only in the event that all else fails should disputes between customers and stores be brought here.

Oh, and I have no issues with cursing, this is an adult forum, not Disney world.
This, 100%.

I also agree that no producer should ever have moderators powers on this forum. Just because someone sells something that people buy here doesn't mean they met/possess the requirements to be a fair and unbiased moderator. Like it was said, they're people to and people with power can easily abuse it.
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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by tinyspider » Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:02 pm

Now that I read this thread again, I realize that I missed the "don't ask for personal info" part. Shall I put it in the rules announcement?, what do you think?

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Re: Soo Problems lately

Post by Raphael » Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:06 am

araenae wrote:Now that I read this thread again, I realize that I missed the "don't ask for personal info" part. Shall I put it in the rules announcement?, what do you think?
I personally think so, yes, although perhaps only in relation to professional models/producers. From time to time I sometimes see people asking for details about actor/actresses in mainstream TV programs and the such, and I can't imagine such questions being a cause for concern. Perhaps the rule should only be applied to those individuals working within the fetish/porn industry.

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