My Mannequin (Photo shoot gone wrong)

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My Mannequin (Photo shoot gone wrong)

Post by michelle_lee2182 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:52 pm



Asian beauty


Video length:

Video includes:
Arousing death stares, necro-fondling and playing, Eyes wide, doll-like expression, full nudity, poison, photo shoot scenario, mannequin, freeze, body posing, moving, and manipulation, applying make-up


Angel face is the most sought after high-fashion model in town. She???s hot, in demand, extremely popular, and worst of all, well aware of the fact. While shooting the cover of a swimsuit magazine, on the rooftop of a New York City building, she starts to aggravate the photographer with her snooty attitude. Most successful models come with a little ego, but Angel???s confidence far exceeds any other. Her shoot is a hit, and her pictures come out stunning. Alas, the session is over, and the two head down to the photographer???s apartment for refreshments.

Angel is critical to a fault. She barrages the photographer with insults left and right. From amateurish artwork hanging on his walls, to tacky furniture, she comments on it all. The photographer appears unaffected by her behavior, instead, he wanders to the kitchen to offer her a beverage. She asks for champagne. The photographer decides to give her something better; something she???s well deserving of. While in the kitchen, he pulls out a vile, and pours its contents in the glass. He offers the drink to Angel. She accepts it reluctantly, since it clearly didn???t appear ???high-end,??? and takes a sip. She purses her lips to show disapproval. She doesn???t like the cheap champagne, but drinks some more anyway. Within minutes, she starts to feel a little dizzy. The photographer now appears to be spinning. The room is now moving. Then suddenly, she passes out, and falls on the couch.

The photographer smiles with delight. He lifts the beauty???s unconscious body, and drags her to the bedroom where he can finally transform her into the ideal model??? a mannequin. At this point, the poison has invaded her entire body, and she is now stiff as a board. He drags her back to the living room, naked, and firm to continue on with the shoot. This time, he can get the best pictures. He poses her, and moves her like a doll. He moulds her face to look ever so cute, and pretty. She agrees with everything he does??? she has no choice. Alas, the photographer has the perfect specimen. He takes more pictures until his heart???s desire.


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