JUST MARRIED (A Freeze custom from Chokechamber)

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JUST MARRIED (A Freeze custom from Chokechamber)

Post by stiffmichelle2182 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:58 pm

Another excellent Freeze fetish custom!!!
???Just Married???

Blonde, sassy, busty babe


Video length:

18mins 28 Secs

Video includes:

Arousing death stares, necro-stripping, nudity, mannequin, doll, freeze, eyes and mouth wide, body dragging, stiff body, poisoning,

Penny Petersen, a young but very successful reporter was doing some research for an essay about successful guys, who, despite their success, were quite nerdy and freaky and therefore had severe problems in hooking up with the other sex.

One of her "contestants" had been Dr. Bo Frost, who was working in cryogenic research and conservation, having had big success in conserving dead animals for posterity.

She kind of liked him, but couldn't take him seriously, because he was so shy and nerdy.
Out of the blue he had called her, stating he had found the woman of his dreams and if she would come over to talk about it.

As usual, Dr. Frost had prepared a cup of coffee for Penny. Penny was wearing her cool rocker chic outfit and smart ass glasses. Penny thought it was just another interview, like many she???s conducted in the past. Little will she realize, this assignment will be her last.
Bo invited Penny to share with her news of his newfound love interest. Unbeknownst to her, his future bride-to ???be was someone she already knew??? herself! One sip of Bo???s ???special??? brew of coffee will not only make her giddy, and uncontrollably happy, but will also prove to make his wedded fantasy, a reality.


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Re: JUST MARRIED (A Freeze custom from Chokechamber)

Post by asfrmaster » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:36 am

Got It!!! a good freeze. I like the touch with him putting lipstick on her while she stares right past him.
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