A question for the women of FIMS.

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A question for the women of FIMS.

Post by meh » Sat May 24, 2014 1:09 am

I guess this could apply to guys too but I don't know of any who do freeze work, so this seems easier. :p

What brought you to freeze/immobility work? To me, freeze is one of those fetishes that's a sub fetish of a sub fetish and here in the US it's something that you could probably go through your entire life and never hear anything about it. You'd have to actively search for it and seeing as this is basically the only place with a community that I've found for Freeze content, I'd say that the niche is beyond marginal.

What do you to do prepare for freeze content, do you practice staying as still as possible? Do you see how long you can go without blinking? I once saw a video where a woman was training as a "statue" and a male companion moves her around and holy crud that's a lot of work to stay still. They were talking about breathing techniques and being able to de-focus her eyes so she wasn't darting her view all over the place when she was moved but that actually sounds more like she's putting herself in a trance state. I've tried staying still and its no where near as easy as it seems, so kudos for being able to do this! :shock:

How do you feel when you're being the one frozen and people are walking around looking right at you and moving you around? Is it hard to keep that stillness by going against natural responses and not reacting or looking in their direction?

Do you enjoy being the freezer or the frozen? :D

Sorry, that's a lot of questions. I'll be over here...... trying to stay still.
Seize the moment.

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