"COMMUNITY" creator Dan Harmon was a doller!

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"COMMUNITY" creator Dan Harmon was a doller!

Post by Corey Fantoccini » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:54 am

I just saw the very illuminating documentary HARMONTOWN, about the month-long comedy/podcast tour television writer Dan Harmon conducted in January of 2013 shortly after he was fired as showrunner for his TV series "COMMUNITY".

Among the topics Harmon shares willingly, is somewhat sheepishly, is that until he met up with his current girlfriend, Erin McGathey, visitors to his apartment would find it cluttered with nylon-clad mannequin legs. He also owns up to an intersected addiction to watching videos of women's shoe dangling, and that with his TV money, he sprang for a RealDoll.

Hate to spoil a great joke, but his description of the RealDoll experience is quite funny, telling how initially he thought it would solve all manner of problems, that he would not be making women have to deal with his mercurial nature (which is shown in quite candid detail later on as he has a spat with McGathey on the road), but that six months later, he'd badly taken care of it and the head had fallen off. Raising the question, how does one handle disposing of a six-thousand-dollar lifelike sex doll?

By that time though, as he tells it, he had an assistant to take care of that matter.

If the creator of a really great TV series is willing to come out in a humorous but honest fashion about having similar fetishes to mine, it makes me feel less odd about having them. Yeah, most of us found serenity in that whole "Rule 34" principle, but it's nice to have a visible role model nonetheless.
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