I had a really strange dream, I need opinions on it.

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I had a really strange dream, I need opinions on it.

Post by meh » Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:02 pm

In this dream I'm at some type of hypnosis seminar or show that's trying to get everyone to relax by watching a TV that has a candle and a swirly disk on it saying "Relax, feel calm, relax over and over again. I feel relaxed but I don't think I'm going under while most everyone else is already out. In the far distance there's a person that's completely out of focus and he's walking slowly towards us up some stairs and he's surrounded by trees and wildlife, eventually he comes into focus and walks to the front of the room and asks everyone to slowly wake up and feel refreshed. He asks everyone how we're doing and everyone says they feel great, he then asks us to check our pockets, so we do. People are finding a photograph in their pockets and they have no idea where it came from, I check my left pocket and it's empty then I check my right and I find a photo stuffed in there, I take a look at it and it's of some kids... one crying and one is laughing.

I then take a look at my shirt and it's got the same thing on the front of it but I don't remember changing my shirt at all, I look around the room and the other people have on the same types of shirts and they're all totally confused about it like me. The man at the front of the room then tells us that even though we only think that we've been there just for that small relaxation experiment we've actually been there for six hours doing other stuff and that we all put the photos in our own pockets earlier in the afternoon. Everyone is amazed and some people clap but others are still totally baffled by this and so am I.

The seminar/show thing ends, people start leaving but I go up to the guy and ask him wtf is going on, specifically I ask him if it was some type of amnesia hypnosis commands he used. He tells me that it's not quite that, it was all subliminal messaging and he said nothing directly to us about forgetting. He tells me to look around the room and I'm looking at posters and images and I start to notice that they posters have hidden words like "forget" and "never remember". There's two girls that are talking in a corner of the room that look over to the guy and he smiles at them and tells them "good job", so they smile back and say "Thanks Mr. shfsioergsegrisuyrgy" (I couldn't understand they name they called him) and I ask him if they were actually working for him instead of being subjects and he says "yes, they quietly talk in the back of the crowds and discretely repeat keywords in their conversations to enforce certain messages". I was going to ask him another question but I was woken up and by the time I feel back to sleep, the dream had changed.

It was very interesting because it was so detailed and I asked and received questions, I don't think I've ever had a dream like this before. Is this actually something that can be done or is it just a crazy dream?
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Re: I had a really strange dream, I need opinions on it.

Post by icantmove » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:11 am

I don't see why it couldn't be done, subliminal messages have been around in advertising for quite awhile and have proven effective. Your dream sounds similar to the concept in the movie "They Live" starring Rowdy Roddy Piper.
In the movie the sunglasses stripped away the illusion the aliens were providing and in your dream when you started questioning the hypnotist the reality of what happened was slowly revealed.

I would think that what you experienced in your dream is possible but would take awhile (longer than 6 hours) to achieve the results you got and the entire scenario would have to be geared around you and your day to day routine to make it effective and would likely take months or even years to have a strong enough effect.
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