UK robot fetish documentary seeks interviewees

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UK robot fetish documentary seeks interviewees

Post by Leem » Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:32 pm

Hey, people. I just got this e-mail which looks like it may be on the level... see what you think. If anyone feels like responding to this directly, you can e-mail . They're hoping for replies by mid-April.

"Dear Leem,

This is a bit out of the blue but I hope you don't me getting in touch.

I'm making a documentary at a company called Raw TV in the UK. The documentary aims to explore the evolving relationship between robots and humans and I come across your Tumblr website and blog. Although I gather that there is a strong interest in statues, I also saw your posts on ASFR so I thought I???d drop you a line.

Ultimately, I'm looking to speak to people who have felt genuine feelings towards robots, either emotional or sexual. But at the moment, I'm just looking to speak to people who are might have an interest in this fembots, sexbots - whether it's in the art, technology or sexual angle, so I thought to send you a quick line to see whether any of this might ring any bells or you might be able to advise me how to best spread the message to people who might be interested in finding out more.

Any thoughts at all are welcome.

Thank you,


Carla Grande
Assistant Producer"
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