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Evangelines Youtube channel

Post by TSPantyhose » Sat May 27, 2017 7:07 am

Hello everyone.
Leviathan here.

Hoping your holiday weekend is off to a blast!

Quick note to let you guys know that Evangeline started a youtube channel several months ago.

This is her baby and while I film it, she does all of the background work with editing, color correction, sound, etc.
This is how she's learning to edit.

The channel revolves around her in lingerie interviewing models.
She has many fetish and porn actresses on her couch.

the interviews are all relatively NSFW because of the language (there is no nudity or sex)

Im asking you guys to take a minute and please show some support for her pet project.

if possible subscribe (its free), leave a comment if you like.
It would be great if we could help her reach 900 members soon.

Thank you again and thank you for helping her.
My name is Leviathan
Check out our Patreon:
get full clips for $10



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