2nd Holiday Discounted Full Session Posted

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2nd Holiday Discounted Full Session Posted

Post by HypnoGold » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:03 pm

This one features two of our best subjects ever???Victoria and Rakhee. Get it now at the new low price!


The full session contains:

Bell Freeze

You'll see why these are our two best girls in this phenomenal bell freeze scene.

Freeze Touch

Now one of our beauties is frozen and the other tries to pose her, but this time when she touches her frozen partner she is frozen and the previously frozen girl is unfrozen. This proves to be particularly frustrating to Victoria who can't understand why her poses are not working on Rahkee!

Remote Control

The girls have been trained to allow a remote control to work on them. Their volume can be turned up, they can be paused (frozen), put into slow motion, looped, muted, their separate audio program (SAP) turned on so that they speak with another language, and more. They're also frozen several times by the trainer.

Switch Freeze

In this long freeze segment the girls are trained to freeze or unfreeze when they hear the word switch. While they are frozen they are posed by their partner. They also find way to use props in the room on each other. This is an excellent clip for freeze fans since both Victoria and Rahkee are among the best freezers we've ever worked with!

Wardrobe Malfunction

Now the girls are trained to have problems with Victoria's fur vest. First Rahkee is trained to believe completely that it is hers. Then once she realizes that it belongs to Victoria she can't figure out how to take it off. Finally when Victoria gets it back she can't remember how to put it on. Freezes throughout as the girls' training is adjusted.


The next bit of training causes the girls to feel like they are getting extremely heavy then extremely light. Watch how they react.


This clip starts with the use of the remote again. The girls are muted then the SAP button is used on them. This causes Victoria to speak Russian and Rakhee Gujarati, even though both are trying to speak English! Then when they are allowed to speak English again neither can understand what the other is saying!

Tongue Issues

Victoria and Rakhee they have been trained so that when they try to talk their tongues fall out of their mouths and keep them from speaking properly. This is very frustrating of course and they try to push their tongues back in with their fingers. That's when their tongues stick to their fingers making the situation worse!


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Re: 2nd Holiday Discounted Full Session Posted

Post by monkeyjr » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:22 pm

Two of the all time greats! Glad to get this full session for so cheap, looking forward to what comes next!
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