3rd Holiday Discounted Full Clip Posted!

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3rd Holiday Discounted Full Clip Posted!

Post by HypnoGold » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:14 pm

Welcome back beautiful Manoa and two newbies trained with her in Vegas a few years ago. Manoa is not only stunning but also one of our best subjects ever, as you will see in this full clip.


This clip includes the following scenes:

The girls are put in a training state and are given suggestions.

Bell Freeze
The girls are trained to freeze or unfreeze at the sound of a bell. While frozen they are completely oblivious to what is happening around them and can be posed by the others.

The girls are trained to go completely blank and unthinking on command. Watch how their expressions change when we take their minds away temporarily.

Now the girls are trained to loop on command, meaning they go back in time a few seconds and repeat what they just said or did over and over until triggered again. Of course they also have no idea that this is happening to them!

Next the group is trained to go stiff and rigid on hearing a trigger word. It's like being frozen in that they are completely unaware, but this time they cannot be posed and are still as a block of wood. Once made rigid the girls are leaned against furniture and left as objects.

The girls are trained to become mannequins, meaning they are frozen in place and can't move on their own, but are aware of what is happening to them as they are moved and posed by the others. Watch them react to their strange predicament!

They now have been trained to freeze themselves whenever they say the words I or me. Of course they've also been trained to not realize that this will happen. Watch their confusion as they try to carry on a normal conversation.

Slow Freeze
Now the girls are put through a slow freeze, meaning they feeling a pleasurable tingling start in their feet and move up their bodies, freezing that part of them as it passes.

Slow Jelly
Next, the girls are trained to slowly turn soft and flexible, so much so that they can't support their own weight!

Touch Freeze
Now they are trained to freeze if they touch a frozen person, the same touch unfreezing the person who was previously frozen.

Stuck Suspicion
Now they are trained to think that they have not been trained, yet they find as they try to leave they are stuck to the sofa. They've also been trained not to see anyone else in the room so they each begin to suspect that one of the others is the person who trained them.

You get all this for a special low price!

Look for more clips throughout this holiday season!

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Re: 3rd Holiday Discounted Full Clip Posted!

Post by monkeyjr » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:36 pm

I enjoyed all three of these girls, the use of props in this shoot is top notch, heh. Wouldn't mind seeing them back sometime.
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