Another Year-End Discounted Session Added

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Another Year-End Discounted Session Added

Post by HypnoGold » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:57 pm

This one is from Chicago a few years back. All the scenes are listed below.

The girls are put in a training state and are given suggestions.

We train them to become robots on command, moving, talking and even making sounds like a robot until they are turned human again.

Bell Freeze
The girls are trained to freeze or unfreeze at the sound of a bell. While frozen they are completely motionless and unaware and can be posed by their partner.

Now the girls are turned into living mannequins, meaning they are aware of what is happening to them but cannot move or do anything to stop it. In fact they've been trained to think they're made out of plastic.

7-Minute Freeze
Watch as one of our beauties has been trained to freeze motionless and unaware of her situation, and does so for a full seven minutes!

10-Minute Freeze
As if seven minutes wasn't enough, here's her partner freezing for a solid ten minutes!

Now the girls are turned into rigid inanimate objects and leaned against walls and furniture.

Off and On
Now the girls are continuously turned off and on by those trigger words. As they "turn off" they slump down limp and lifeless, then awaken when they hear the word on. Fun clip for people who like to see girls fall asleep quickly.

In this scene the girls have been trained to loop, meaning they go back in time two or three seconds and do or say the same thing over and over again. Of course they've also been trained not to realize this is happening.

In this scene the girls have been trained to freeze if they themselves say the word I or me. They've also been trained not to understand why this is happening so they are quite confused when their partner keeps freezing.

Enjoy and look for more in the coming year!
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Re: Another Year-End Discounted Session Added

Post by monkeyjr » Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:18 pm

Oh nice, I was hoping to see this full session! Love the Asian cutie in this one, would be a treat to see her again, heh. Also, one of the best bell freeze segments you've done in my opinion, they really put each other through the wringer with all the moving and repositioning. And with that, looking forward to your content in the new year!
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