Stacy Burke- Shock Freeze Fun!! (MP4 and WMV)

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Stacy Burke- Shock Freeze Fun!! (MP4 and WMV)

Post by ewak » Sat May 26, 2018 7:00 am

Stacy Burke- Shock Freeze Fun!! (MP4 and WMV)

Here we have the beautiful and legendary Stacy Burke doing awesome shock freeze poses.
The "SHOCK FREEZE POSE" is a pose in which she puts her hand in the air with her open with a shocked expression. who doesn't love the shock freeze.
Stacy shock freezes in 4 different scenarios in which she gets surprised and instantly shock freezes. Mouth always open! I even get to poke her and even pat her cute butt a bit.

This is a must for all Stacy burke fans, freeze fans, mature fans, and shock freeze fans.
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