Tuckerverse Update Preview: Getting Even

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Tuckerverse Update Preview: Getting Even

Post by Zero » Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:04 pm

Author's Note: The following is an excerpt from Tales from the Tuckerverse: Getting Even, an updating story in the next LTBSA Update. The story follows Kat Vaughn from the fictional Decker State College and her magic camera that's able to freeze people.

"Hey Kat, Mel, what's-" offered Ayane Nakamura, the blonde Japanese forward of the Lady Raptors, who was cut off by a bright flash that froze her solid. Ayane had been holding the door open with her left hand on the side of it, her right hand on her hip and her lips open while slightly rounded. Ayane's was in a pair of Swedish ponytails for some reason and she was wearing a light blue halter top along with dark green formal shorts, yellow Crocs on her feet.

"Really, not even a hello anymore?" remarked Britney Summers, who looked up from the couch in the sitting room. Brit's hair was wrapped up in a pink towel and she was wearing a matching robe as well as slippers, the student newspaper in her hands.

"Sorry, its just we needed your help but Ayane would probably mess things up," explained Kat as she entered, the camera in front of her chest. Mel meanwhile quickly closed the door, which left Ayane posed like some sort of ballet-inspired mannequin. The Irish girl merely nodded at Brit before wrapping her arms around Ayane's waist and dragging the girl down the apartment's hallway.

"What do you need?" asked Brit, shrugging off what had just transpired and apparently glad not to have been caught by the flash.

"We're planning on pulling a prank on the Malibu Sharks and we need a few things that will require you storing some frozen people for a few hours," revealed Kat, coming in and sitting down in one of the lounge chairs near Brit's couch. "Didn't want Ayane to get any funny ideas. Think you can live with your roommate as a statue for a little while?"

"Sometimes I almost prefer her that way," chuckled Brit, waving Kat off. "It's no problem, neither of us have anything on. I was maybe going to hit a bar much later, but its probably too soon for that."

"Yeah, as in, two in the afternoon too soon," pointed out Mel, returning from having moved Ayane. "Where do you think you are, my country?"

"If I did I'd have eaten something with potatoes in it by now," sniffed Brit, Kat just trying to hold back rolling her eyes. Brit was about to say something else, having swung her feet around to be sitting upright, but Kat then froze another teammate of hers. Britney sat with her right holding the crumpled newspaper while her left arm was raised, her index finger extended and her head turned slightly to the left as that's where Mel currently was. Brit's lips were parted and seeming to curl at the edges, as if smiling.

"I get freezing Ayane to make sure she won't mess with Chris, but why freeze Brit?" asked Mel, pulling off Brit's town to reveal fairly dry blonde hair that spilled out all over the place.

"So she won't mess with Ayane or Chrissy," revealed Kat, putting the camera aside with the two photos. Working together Mel and Kat were able to stand Brit upright and carry her horizontally into her bedroom, Ayane having been moved to her own.

After the closing the two bedroom doors Kat and Mel returned to the living room, Mel picking up the TV remote. "Think they get any of the good channels?" inquired Mel.

"Chris will be here in a minute, no time for that," insisted Kat, picking up the Polaroid photos and moving them into the kitchen, Mel putting down the remote in favor of the camera. "Now remember, be quick."

Sure enough a few moments later there was a knock at the door and Kat answered it, revealing her boyfriend Chris Picket. Chris was wearing a white baseball hat with the college logo on it in orange and sported a short-sleeved white plaid shirt, tan shorts on below them. "Hey Kat, so what's the plan for today?" greeted Chris, stepping inside. "Ayane joining us? We watching something here?"

"She's just getting ready, go have a seat," offered Kat, sending her boyfriend over to the living room. Chris had just reached the outcropping to the kitchen when the camera flashed, freezing him in mid-step. Kat let out a breath while Mel leaned into view from around the corner, holding up a new photo.

"And to think you were worried he'd be too curious," chuckled as she ducked back out of sight. Kat quickly approached her boyfriend and fished through his pockets for his keys, pleased to see his security access key was amongst the ring. Before Kat could do much else there was a second knock at the door, this one unexpected as Chrissy wasn't due for a few more minutes.

"Here, gimme the camera," offered Kat, swapping the keys for the magical device with Mel. Going to the door Kat saw it was Payson Quinn, a blonde-haired girl with light brown eyes. Payson was also a member of the Lady Raptors A-squad, one of the only two who had been a returning member that year from Diane King's final season. Payson was dressed down in jeans and a black T-shirt with 'HUSTLER' written on the chest in pink, her hair straight and out of her face.

"Kat?" remarked Payson in surprise, seeing her team captain's face when the door was opened. "Brit not around?"

If you want more information on the Tuckerverse be sure to visit the wiki: http://tuckerverse.wikia.com/wiki/Tuckerverse_Wiki
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