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The Bold & the Beautiful Hope Mannequin plot

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 3:24 pm
by zapped!
This post applies to realistic mannequin lovers only. Due to the corona virus, the soaps have been using mannequins as stand-ins to maintain social distancing. The Bold and the Beautiful took the mannequin trope one step further; this artist-type is obsessed with Hope Logan. He ends up falling for a very realistic mannequin of her instead. Eventually the guy has issues separating real life from fantasy. Sound familiar? :lol: In a strange twist of events (and lucky for us); the Hope mannequin sometimes morphs into the real actress, who then reanimates, (see 1st clip for best example). Keep an eye on the mannequins face as he’s shaking her too.

Whoever did the custom mannequin head did one helluva job capturing actress Annika Noelle’s likeness (it helps that she’s very attractive to begin with). Could a Denise Richards mannequin be in the works? :shock:

Apparently this has been a subplot that's been going on for several episodes now. Here's a few bits off youtube, and no I'm not time stamping them: