bridal models posing on platforms (Yolan Cris 2020)

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bridal models posing on platforms (Yolan Cris 2020)

Post by window dressee » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:50 am

During the Yolan Cris bridal fashion at Barcelona Fashion Week (BBFW) 2020,
there was a phase were the models posed on platforms (about 1 foot high, about 2 feet length and width);

In this video
at 0:58 bis 1:26,
there are several cuts between live models and wooden mannequins, both on this platforms in the same gowns!

I would like to see when the live models entered the room and mounted the bases:
presumably there are no footage or photos of this phase, let alone publicly accessible ones :-(

keywords for further search:
yolancris bbfw 2020

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