soundtrack for Greatest Day: mannequin tf

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soundtrack for Greatest Day: mannequin tf

Post by window dressee » Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:42 pm


in my fantasy, there is this "Greatest Day":
the day, when the heroine's temporary window dressing jobs turn into permanent "employment" as display object:
the girl is finally becoming a real mannequin and is transformed into hard plastic!
often I see myself in the role of the girl / heroine / mannequin-to-be !)

For this drastic, life-changing event the mannequin-to-be of the day (or at least I, when it's my turn) take over various elements of a wedding:
for example, I wear a bridal gown,
I walk down the aisle (from the changing cubicle to the display window),
exchange vows with my future owner,
mount my base plate (on top of getting a ring).

At some point in this ceremony, the actual transformation from flesh to plastic is triggered,
and this transformation is quick, nevertheless has some duration:
To give a durable result (and to give the heroine or myself more time to enjoy the conversion-process), the final transformation and hardening into plastic takes a few minutes;
during this hardening time, the mannequin-to-be has to hold her final pose,
and also the people attending the ceremony try to help by standing still.

In real weddings, at this step (near the ring-exchange, the blessing of the newly-weds and "the kiss"), there is often music!
either an Ave Maria (slow, contemplative - but the text is not fitting my setup of becoming a sexy mannequin ...)
or something swinging, elated - but no, rhythmic music makes me dance, i.e. I would break the pose :-(

For the walking down the aisle I have some ideas:
- Lohengrin's march ("treulich geführet" / "Here comes the bride", e.g.,
- Mendelsons wedding march (e.g.,
for this first minutes as newly-mannequinized, still hardening decoration-object, I have no clue ...

Any ideas or proposals?

(yeah, this is a very specific questions for a very specific fantasy, so if there is no idea at all, that's ok;
if you have questions, please keep in mind that there is a real life keeping me busy - in my fantasy, I'm dressing windows in shifts of one or two weeks as temporary living mannequin, unable to type an answer or move at all)


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