Primal Fetish Custom - Looking for Help! :)

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Primal Fetish Custom - Looking for Help! :)

Post by akoof » Fri Apr 30, 2021 11:56 am

Hey everyone, to keep things short and simple, I have a script that Michael from Primal Fetish has quoted for doing at $1400 USD. Asfrmaster and myself have already talked and pooled some money together, but we wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in helping us make this happen? :)

Our thoughts are that if you like the script and would plan to buy the released film anyway, pitching now could not only help us get it made, but can also help us order and afford more customs down the road, which typically always receive a public release. Full Primal films tend to be $40-50 USD on C4S as it is, and I would make sure that all involved in its production would receive a copy of the film immediately, so you wouldn't also have to buy it from the store. So if you would plan on purchasing it anyway, you really have nothing to lose! :P

The script is a Robot/Doll/Freeze themed story, starring Cherie Deville. The narrative is a darker themed fantasy, with Cherie bullying and mocking her stepson who then proceeds to put her through various "modes" (robot, doll, freeze) with a smart watch. If you have seen Ariella Ferrera - Step Mother Turned Into Obedient Doll, or Melissa Lynn - Step-Mom Behaviour Modification, it will be in the same vein as these.

If you are interested in helping, please email me at and I can send you the full script to help with your decision :) And if this video isn't your style, no worries at all, we understand it won't be something that scratches everyone's itch.

I also understand the caution any of you would take to exchange funds with strangers, but I hope I can assure you no one will be ripped off. A few members should be able to vouch for me in fulfilling my word in the past, and now I also have a studio and reputation at stake, so my last desire is to burn any bridges with you fine folks :)

Feel free to email me or post here with any questions, too. Thanks for reading!

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