The Fermata

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The Fermata

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I'm sure we've all read the book or at least understand the plot.

Would it make a good movie?

I can picture a full 120 minute movie about a thirty-something year old freezing time and undressing women. Yes, that would be the whole movie.
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Re: The Fermata

Post by zapped13 »

There's already a thread about this book / film rumors: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1623&p=7853&hilit=fermata#p7850

The Fermata was under consideration for being made into a film many years ago. The plans (much like V and the Logan's Run remakes) were eventually forgotten about. Cut & pasted directly from Wikipedia: In 2002, Neil Gaiman wrote some drafts of a screenplay based on The Fermata, to be directed by Robert Zemeckis.[6] Gaiman's screenplay would have de-emphasized all the masturbation in the plot; instead he described his approach to the material as "Annie Hall with time-stopping."[7][8] In 2013, the project was described as "dormant".[9] In 2014, it was reported that Paramount Television would collaborate with Zemeckis on a television drama series based on The Fermata, to be written by David Hollander.

Also, I recall reading an interview when the rumors 1st started where either Zemeckis or Gaiman commented that the Cashback film already covered that ground and could be considered "the film version" of Fermata.

On the book itself: A better read the 2nd time around, but I still struggled to get all the way through it. Arno had way too many personal hang-ups for me. The only timestop book that took me longer to read was The Girl, the Goldwatch & Everything... (8 years and counting - I'm finally down to less than 100 pages). I'm pretty sure I could've done a better job writing than that one. :lol:
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Re: The Fermata

Post by FreezAntix »

Though the book fit our interest pretty good. Honestly its probably the only book out there that hits multiple checks of what we're into. I think its a must own for anyone that likes to read time-stop stuff. I got a copy on the recommendation of Zapped and it was for the most part very enjoyable despite a bit of struggle to get through it like Zapped mentioned. The main character rambles a lot and he gets into thing too deeply. There was one freeze scene when he was at the beach or driving on the high highway that lasted what felt like 40 pages lol. I own the audiobook too and listening to that scene felt pretty long too. The audiobook gives you the awkward moments if you're listening to it on your car since the main character loves talking about his manhood and having sex quite a lot. There some good bits in the book that would like to go back through it and book mark though. The freeze scenes were well written, his detail is good I just wish he spent more time with stripping...but that's just me. I don't think it'll be a very good movie as there are only a few scenes that are worth doing perhaps it could be a show/movie that is inspired by and instead of based off it it.
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